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With a Part M Approval to Carry out CAMO Subpart G and Subpart I along with Guernsey and Cayman Islands Endorsements on the following Types

Dornier DO228 All Types

Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 with PW6000 Series, IAE V2500 Series or CFM56 Series Engines

Airbus A330-200/-300 with PW4000 Series, GE CF6-80 and RR 772B Engines

Airbus A340-200/-300/-500/-600 with CFM56 and  RR Trent 500 Series Engine

Boeing 727-200 with PW JT8D Series Engines 

Boeing 737-300/-400/-500/-600/-700/-800/-900 with CFM 56 Series Engines

Boeing 747-200/-300/-400 with PW JT9D Series, GE CF60 and RR RB211 Series Engines

Boeing 757-200/-300 with PW PW2000 Series and RR RB211 Series Engines

Boeing 767-200/-300/-400ER with PW JT9D and PW4000 and GE CF6 Series Engines

Boeing 777-200/-300/-300ER with RR Trent Series, GE GE90Series and PW PW4000 Series Engines

CAMO Approval reference UK.CAMO.0656.

Guernsey Approval Reference 2-REG.39.40

 With nearly 20 years in the Commercial Aviation and aerospace industry both Hands on Engineering in Base Maintenance and all aspects of Technical Services we understand not only your requirements but the background from Regulators or owners.